Amanda Knox is hotttttttt!!!!!!!

Had an interesting Facebook convo this morning when I posted “Why should I care about Amanda Knox?”

Since being released, acquitted of murder got a ton of coverage by American media. She is, after all, an American in Italian courts, held for a crime we hoped she hadn’t committed — a potentially kinky sex act gone wrong — or whatever the case was.

Who cares what the case was? Amanda Knox is hot.

Not just popular. I mean, she’s sexy.

So I could go on and on about how the Knox case got so much attention because she is a) blonde, b) skinny, c) hot, d) a chance for American media to cover sex, dominance, and power on the back of a young woman, e) an American abroad, whose life was in the hands of another country, f) an opportunity for American media to rally around notions of national identity and international power, but I will just link to this other blog post that does the same thing.

So interesting how these blog posts from major media outlets (the link above is to a CNN blog) come AFTER the news event is over. What would happen if the posts came during the coverage?