Paterno’s kids needed the news

This press gaggle/flash mob/media orgy, whatever it was from the other night following news that Penn State’s famous Coach Paterno may be pushed out after allegations of sexual abuse within his program offers a very interesting snapshot of the interaction between fans, news media, sports journalists (yes, I offer them as separate institutions) and sports stars, such as Paterno. Continue reading

“Fair and balanced” isn’t fun

Local media outlets have covered Occupy Iowa City as 1) a phenomenon to be explored through wonder and amazement, 2) as a chance to meet “real people” through shiny personal profiles, and 3) as a grassroots/underdog storyline of citizens v. local government when the city demanded protestors comply with codes, permits, and other “restrictions.”

So perhaps in an attempt to seem “fair and balanced” in covering an admittedly progressive cause, this Daily Iowan story looks at the downside to public protest. Its headline: “Occupy Iowa City: Neighbors call protest ‘disruptive.'” Continue reading