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Mapping local news

I am so excited to see the Press-Citizen use mapping to talk about a local policy issue. This is great!

In a story today about a new — and controversial — plan to create a new business district by increasing some property taxes of local shops, stores, bars, and whatever else, PC online editor Patrick Riepe used batchgeo.com to mark which property owners were “for” or “against” the new business plan. Continue reading

At what point do you get rid of a local newspaper?

Within the past week, The Iowa City Press-Citizen has lost one reporter to Patch.com, a sports reporter to The Des Moines Register (owned by Gannett, which also owns the PC), and this week let go of its city editor and its executive editor. I also hear there may be more people leaving. That said, the PC is bringing in two reporters, but they will be getting marching orders for coverage from Des Moines.

There is talk about when the PC will fold into the an Iowa City bureau of the Register. Already, the two papers share tons of content. Many times, it seems we are reading the same paper twice when stories appear same-day in both places.

When will the Press-Citizen stop publishing altogether?

At what point do you get rid of a local newspaper?

Maybe it should be now. Continue reading